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  • Chuck Cady & Associates Celebrates 30 Years Of Real Estate Excellence!

Chuck Cady & Associates Celebrates 30 Years Of Real Estate Excellence!

Chuck Cady & Associates Celebrates 30 Years of Real Estate Excellence!

This past year we have definitely seen some positive changes in the industry, but it is safe to say that these past few years have been challenging for everyone in one way or another. However, with those challenges come a time of reflection and one thing we can honestly say is, how grateful and fortunate we are as a company for the support of our loyal friends and customers such as yourself who make our business possible. It is with that support that we will mark 30 wonderful years in business this year, 2013!!

I still remember my first home sale over by Ballard High! When I started my real estate career in 1983, we were dealing with double digit interest rates, a customer database on 3×5 index cards, mobile phones were still new and you had to have a box mounted in the trunk of your car, and there were no computers so the MLS was a book that was printed on newsprint and published bi-weekly in black and white – this was how you found out about other companies inventory. For photos we used Polaroid cameras and “rushed” to get them turned in to the MLS with our new listing to make the next publication.

By 1985 I decided it was time to hire an assistant to help with all of the “busy” work and a coworker of mine recommended a local 19 year old college student, Ann Bronson. That Spring, she came to work with me 14 hours a week and by September we had her licensed, making us the first real estate team in the area. Now 28 years and a name change later, Ann Babb-Nordling and I are still working together as a team!

Yes, the real estate industry has made great strides in business and technology since 1983 but while many things have changed, success in the real estate industry is based on relationships and experience. It’s a people business and I am proud of the team we have put together and the friends we’ve made along the way! Thank you for your continued support and referrals and we look forward to a productive 30th year in real estate and have some exciting new endeavors on the horizon so be sure to stay tuned!

Chuck, Ann, Erin and Lindsay

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