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 **Meet your new neighbor; DADU**

   Does it look like a “cottage” to you?

Seattle plans to abolish single family zoning! Currently, the Mayor and City Council are planning a “defacto Re-zone” of the entire city of Seattle. They want to allow two homes on single family lots, called “DADU’S” (Detached Auxiliary Dwelling Units). The city prefers to call them “cottages”…a euphemism I guess.

It is my concern that 95% of home owners in Seattle will only find out about this after the City Council has inked the “Re-zone”…that’s too late! If you are interested in preserving your back yard privacy and quality of life in your neighborhood, you need to act now. Most importantly, let your elected City Council members know what you think of this idea, good or bad.

We have provided the following links to learn more about the “Re-zone” of your neighborhood.

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