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How Prepared Are You For A Quake?

How Prepared Are You For A Quake?

With the recent catastrophic global events, you can’t help but be reminded that Seattle is located in earthquake country and is susceptible to a large earthquake of its own!  Homeowners can take many steps to mitigate or reduce the earthquake hazard to themselves, their loved ones and also to their homes.  Following is a list of tasks and items to consider while prepping yourself and your home for a possible earthquake:

Preparing Your Home

• Home retrofitting / Structural Mitigation

• Secure Your Water Heater, Kitchen Cabinets, Tall Furniture, and Wall Hangings

• Garage and Storage Safety – securing chemicals

Gathering Supplies (72 Hour Kit)

• Water – Three (3) gallons for each person in your household is the minimum amount required to take care of drinking, cooking, and hygiene needs for the first 72 hours of a disaster.

• Food – Store at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food. Select foods that require no refrigeration or cooking, and little or no water.

• Supplies – First-Aid Kit, Flashlight, Batteries, Portable Radio, Fire Extinguisher, Toilet Paper, Towelettes, Non-Electric Can Opener, Paper Plates/Cups, Utensils, Duct Tape, Face Mask

• Clothing and Bedding – Gloves, Complete Change of Clothes, Blankets, Sturdy Shoes, Warm Socks

• Cash and Important Family Documents – Bank Account Numbers, Copies of Insurance Policies, Wills, POA’s, etc.

• Pets – Don’t forget about your pets!  Water (2-3 Gallons for 60lb pet for 72hrs), Food, Food & Water Bowls, Carrier, Medication, First Aid Kit, Collar/Tags/Leash, Current Photo (in case of separation), Shot/Health Records & Veterinarian Info.

• Out of Area Phone Contact – Assign an out of area phone contact as long distance lines are typically more reliable than local lines.  This is the person each family member is to contact in an emergency to relay information to one another.

• Know How and Where to Control the Utilities – After an earthquake turning off the gas, water, and electricity may reduce the risk of fire or water damage in your home.

FREE Seattle Earthquake Home Retrofit Classes

Saturday, 7/10, 11am – 1pm
Location: West Seattle Branch Library
To register call 206-233-5076

Washington Emergency Management Division Information

Click here to download a Disaster Preparedness Pamphlet

Preparing Your Home:

Pet Preparedness: Office of Emergency Management

Home Preparations:

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